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Jet Airlines, offers private flights between any global airports...
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Jet Havayollari is providing services like consulting, private charter, cargo charter, helicopter charter, porcurement, sales for our clients from all over Turkiye. We helps you find, buy, sell and appraise jet aircraft. We customise your flight to your exact needs too.


Private charter flights take the crowds, hassle, and delays out of travelling, and as modern private jets do not need the same long runway to take off. Enjoy ultimate comfort and total flexibility.


When you fly on a private jet you are in complete control of your own schedule. Even if you need to change your plans and land at a different airport half way through your flight, it is often not a problem.


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VVIP Airlines

Pax 16/50 Jets

Very Vip Commercial aircrafts such as Airbus VIP, BBJet and other Very VIP jetliners are modern offices or apartments  in the airspace. The VIP jet is a hybrid aircraft with unique  corporate and commercial attributes. VIP Airliners are like flying palaces, they have everything that you could ever need while you are in the air and can fly easily from Ankara to Toronto. The very vip jet aircrafts can carry between 186 and 50 passengers (16-50 seats) with a very large cabin comfort space for passengers and their luggage. The vip airlines jets are the ideal solution for those who want to travel very long distances in comfort without worrying about the flight price..

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Long Range Jets

Pax 10/16 Jets

Large (long range) jet aircrafts are more powerful than smaller jets meaning they are able to fly faster and have a longer range. Have you ever wondered about the private jet aircraft with the longest range? While comfort, speed and cost are what usually spring to mind, it is vital to also think about range. Their average speeds can be as high as 950 km/hour, over a distance of 7,000 km on average, flying for up to 9/10 hours without a stopover. Long range jets are equipped with a large, spacious and very comfortable cabin, configured with vip seats that can be converted into berths depending on the model. These aircrafts benefit from on board vip catering and video entertainment services, wi-fi and a sat-phone. Jet aircfats of this size are perfect for those who need to travel long distances while either working or relaxing on board, safe in the knowledge that they will arrive at their final destination fresh and prepared. Long range jets offer passengers a unique and luxurious flight experience due to the comfort and performance on board.


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Midsize Jets 

Pax 7/10 Jets

Please charter a midsize jet. Medium sized jets offer a mix of comfort, performance and value for a flight of 3-4 hours. With typical seating for around 7/10 people, Midsize jets afford greater. Hiring a private midsize jet is a great option for many different situations. Whether you are looking to charter a private jet for your next business flight, to ensure the safe and discreet transport of a VIP, or simply to fly your team out to your next destination, this aircraft is adaptable to a wide variety of needs. Medium size jets are a step above  turboprops and smaller jets The advantages of hiring a midsize jet.
A midsize aircraft offers you the best compromise between efficiency, comfort and performance. Capable of flying farther and faster than smaller jets, medium sized jets can carry up to 7/10 passengers over distances of 3,500 to 4,000 km. Midsize aircrafts are perfect for passengers who need to travel and work comfortably on board with a speed equivalent to commercial jet. Fast, quiet and efficient, medium sized jets are perfect for those looking for the comfort of a large jet and the versatility of a private jet.

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Light Jets

Pax 4/7 Jets

Light Jets are perfect for quick trips. With average cruising speeds of around 650 km/h and a non stop range of around 3,000 km, light jets will guarantee that you reach your destination quickly and efficiently.
Light private jets are economical and able to land or take off from many airports. This type of jet can carry between 5 and 7 passengers over short and medium distances. This can range from 2,000 to 3,000 km and the average top speed will be 600/650 km/h. One of the main selling points of light private jets is that they have the advantage of being able to land on small airports that are inaccessible to commercial aircraft. This might be due to having a short runway or because it is located in a more hard to reach area. Light jets offer greater versatility, speed and range than non-jet aircraft, making them an efficient and cost effective option for short to medium distance flights.  For passengers looking for more comfort, performance and even more safety features, most light jet aircraft have pressurised passenger cabins and often have private or semi private toilets. One thing to bear in mind is that baggage capacity and storage space may be limited and light jets often can not accommodate instrument or large suitcase.


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Pax 1/4 Jets

Enjoy ultimate comfort and total flexibility. An ultra-light private jet is the smallest aircraft powered by jet engines, perfect for a short commute for 1 to 4 people. Hire a small plane and reach remote or smaller airports
This type of taxi plane allows you to travel as fast as by a private long haul jet to small airports at an average speed of about 750km / h . These aircraft can travel a distance of 2500 km. Very light jets are an excellent choice for your short journeys around Turkiye, offering the best value for money compared to the cost of travelling business class with commercial airlines.
Due to their size, they allow you to access smaller or more remote airports that cannot be reached by larger airliners.
This is ideal when trying to save time, as it avoids unnecessary air transfers.
When you hire a small plane, you will have the luxuries of business class but with more flexibility, comfort and privacy.


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Pax 1/5

Business aviation requires a reliable and expeditious service. Our corporate helicopter charter flights put your business needs first. Just let us know where you need to go, and trust us to do the rest.

Turboprops Aircraft

Turboprop or propeller plane are the most affordable options for short and medium haul flights with 1 to 8 passengers on board, depending on the model, with the advantage of being able to land on many smaller airports inaccessible to jets and airliners. Propeller or turboprop aircraft are capable of flying at a cruising speed of between 300 and 500 km / h over an average distance of 1,000 to 2,500 km. You can customise the aircraft for your flight and choose onboard catering to suit your requirements.

Hire a prop plane.

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Organising a charter flight can be a time consuming and complex task. There are so many private passenger plane hire operators to choose from and so many details to consider. Mid range short range aircraft (35 to 145 seat) generally offer only single class configurations to maximize passenger capacity and are ideal for group event travel.

Long range airliners are suitable for larger groups of 150 to 600 passengers wishing to travel to distant destinations around the world. These planes have a cruising speed of about 800 km/h and can fly up to 8 hours non stop.

These airliners generally offer hot and cold food services as well as entertainment options depending on the aircraft.
Airliners are designed to carry up to six hundred people per trip, depending on the model, and are capable of traveling up to seven hours non stop.

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Kargo Aircraft

Right Cost

A freight aircraft or cargo aircraft is an aircraft whose purpose is to transport equipment or goods from one airport to another.
Charter a cargo aircraft or freight aircraft, worldwide for urgent freight, transport of classified products, outsized freight, temperature controlled aircraft whatever the complexity of your freight, and the delivery time, you can count on experience Jet Hava yollari in cargo aircraft charter and door to door freight delivery..


Corporate Charter

Business aviation requires a reliable and expeditious service. Our corporate charter flights put your business needs first. Just let us know where you need to go, and trust us to do the rest


Jet Aircrafts: Jet Havayollari has access to 50+ private aircraft. Every aircraft and private jet operator is accredited for safety and VIP service levels. Our expert team can find the best available price for your private jet hire on the most suitable private aircraft. For private jet charter advice.

Popular Charter

Whenever you need the speed and convenience of private aircraft charter  then hiring a private jet is a great idea and possibly cheaper than you think. Private jet hire has never been more popular!.


Charter Plan: Organising a charter flight can be a time consuming and complex task. There are so many private passenger plane hire operators to choose from and so many details to consider.

Cargo Charter

We help make your cargo charter run smoothly and cost effectively. By working with our specialised freight charter partners we ensure your cargo arrives safely and securely at it is destination..

Right Aircraft

Right Cost: Jet Havayollari can find you the right jumbo, at the right time for the right cost. Simply fill out our quotation form or give us a call to charter a flight. If you would like to know more about chartered flights call us and speak to one of our friendly staff on 50 our flight.


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Honda Elite S

For private charter, 8 pax, 780 km/h, yom 2018, Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul, Ankara.

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Citation CJ3

Private charter, 7 pax, 770 km/h, far part 135

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Challenger 605

Bombardier Challenger 605, 12 pax, 830 km/h, far part 135

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G650, private charter, 19 pax, 900 km/h, far part 135

Gulfstream G650

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A380 800

Airbus A380 800, Yom 2006, pax525, farpart 135, 900km/h

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Airbus A318

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Challenger 850

Bombardier Challenger 850, yom 2012, 850 km/h, pax19

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Global 5000

Bombardier Global 5000, 13pax, 930 km/h, far part 135, yom 2006





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