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The focus of our service is always your individual travel requirements. As your personal airbroker we guarantee the organisation and implementation of your trip exactly according to your needs.
Wherever you are, wherever you want to go - we'll take you there! Quickly, safely, comfortably and discreetly. At a sensible price-benefit ratio.

From the "taxi hop" with the helicopter or the single-engine turboprop, to the comfortable medium distance in a Lear Jet, right up to long-distance flights in the Heavy Jet - we can fulfill all of your requirements, regardless of whether your trip is planned well in advance or booked on a "last minute" basis (we will, however,  need a couple of hours to prepare the aircraft!).
We can be reached round the clock 365 days of the year. You always speak to your client consultant and never to an anonymous and poorly informed voice in a call center.
As a globally operating, independent airbroker we will always try to find the best offer within the framework of your requirements. With one restriction: safety!
We always choose the best offer for you, not the cheapest. Because we always make absolutely sure that all of the stipulations of the aviation supervisory authorities are strictly complied with or even surpassed.
Obviously, the choice is greater and the price lower for longer term reservations.
Our promise to do everything humanly possible for the smooth planning and realisation of your trip, our desire to achieve perfection, is only subject to one restriction. In aviation there are a number of imponderables, for example sudden changes in the weather or delays in international aviation which, despite the most careful planning, can cause more or less serious problems.
This is why we make a quite simple and old-fashioned request of all our clients: if you are not entirely satisfied with our performance, even in the slightest detail, then please tell US! If you are entirely satisfied, then tell the OTHERS! This is the only way that our aspiration to provide the perfect service can be successful. Thank you for your interest in us and our work.


Jet & Helicopter sales

With our extensive market knowledge and close relationships with the world’s business jet manufacturers and brokers, JetHavaYollari  is ideally placed to manage your private jet/helicopter purchase for you, from the initial specifications to final acceptance.

Let us determine which purchase option is best for you: Ownership, Fractional Ownership, Partnership, Lease, or Jet Share. Simply put, the different purchase options are: jet ownership, part-ownership, commitment to a single operator, leasing, and sharing your flights with others.




Purchasing a private jet is a complex and highly specialised business. Our experience, industry expertise and market intelligence gives you peace of mind and ensures a successful outcome. We will handle the complexities, help you define your requirements and determine which aircraft best meets your needs. We will help with everything from aircraft registration, delivery and staffing, to financials including budget considerations, annual operating costs, residual values and tax optimisation. Consult our comprehensive advisory service and benefit from our years of experience.



Fractional offers the opportunity to purchase a sharehold of an aircraft, held as an asset under contract for a given period of time.

Fractional gives you all the advantages of owning an aircraft at a fraction of the cost. The Fractional partnership programme offers options to purchase shares on a range of turboprop and jet aircraft operating in Europe. The share equates to a given number of occupied hours per year, according to your needs. For clients interested in the partnership programme, Jet Hava Yollari  conducts a thorough flight profile and preferences analysis in order to provide the most prudent advice.

Jet Hava Yollari also offer leasing options. As with any lease, pay a fee for use of a private jet over a specific amount of time. At the end of the lease, the jet can be purchased or returned to the title owner. Short term leases range from three months to three years, while long term leases range from four years onwards, with lower interest payments. We will help you choose the best lease programme to meet your needs; options include True Lease Agreements, Equipment Finance Agreements, and a Finance Lease With Purchase Agreement, which allows you to purchase the jet after the term. Choose a Lease programme and pay no additional charges for maintenance, upkeep costs, operating expenses and insurance.

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